Federal court issues order against Anuel for breach of contract in a million dollar lawsuit

A federal judge in San Juan, Puerto Rico, issued an order against Puerto Rican artist Anuel after finding him guilty in response to a multimillion-dollar breach of contract lawsuit filed by the advertising agency Buena Vibra Group (BVG). The agency filed the lawsuit in August 2023 against Emmanuel Gazmey Santiago (Anuel real name) and his company Real Hasta la Muerte (RHLM) for non-payment related to promotional work for the album ‘Las Leyendas Nunca Mueren.’ BVG claims $1,864,000 in expenses incurred during various promotional campaigns. The agency alleges that it paid $960,000 to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) for album promotion but has not been reimbursed by RHLM. The lawsuit also states additional amounts owed to BVG, including $10,000 for approved images for Anuel’s ex-wife and compensation of at least $200,000 for advertising services provided. The document outlines unsuccessful attempts to personally serve Anuel AA and his company with the lawsuit and payment demand between August and September 2023.

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