Ecuador faces backlash after storming Mexican embassy to arrest former VP

Ecuador faces backlash for storming the Mexican embassy in Quito to arrest former Vice President Jorge Glas, who sought asylum there. Mexico plans to file a case against Ecuador at the International Court of Justice, prompting the suspension of diplomatic ties by Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador. This breach of diplomatic norms has drawn condemnation from Latin American leaders. Glas, transferred to a maximum-security prison, is seeking release through an appeal, while Mexico’s embassy in Ecuador remains closed indefinitely. Several countries have denounced Ecuador’s actions, citing violations of diplomatic conventions and Glas’s right to asylum. The United Nations Secretary-General expressed alarm, emphasizing the inviolability of diplomatic premises. Ecuador defends the raid, citing a risk of Glas’s escape and accusing Mexico of violating non-intervention principles. The situation underscores tensions between the two nations and concerns over human rights and diplomatic protocols.

Ecuador’s former VP Jorge Glas had been convicted on charges of bribery and corruption and remains under investigation for other potential crimes.

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