Bad Bunny and Feid celebrating Conejo Malo’s new album in Puerto Rico

Bad Bunny continues to surprise his fans after announcing the release of his new album titled ‘Nadie sabe lo que va a pasar mañana’, which is available now on all streaming platforms.

The big event was attended by several celebrities and singers who collaborated with Bad Bunny on his new album, among them, the Paisa singer Feid, who is the only Colombian artist to participate in the Puerto Rican album. The song they recorded together is called ‘Perro Negro’ and it already promises to be a hit.

It is speculated that this new song would refer to a night of partying in the capital of Antioquia, in the renowned sector of El Poblado. Also, coincidentally, this song has the same name as a famous nightclub located in the city where reggaeton royalty attend; in fact, Bad Bunny was there when he performed in Medellín.

In the video below released through an X account, it can be seen that Bad Bunny and Feid have a great friendship and, now that they recorded together, their artistic relationship was strengthened even more.

Bad Bunny’s new album titled ‘Nadie sabe lo que va a pasar mañana’ comes a year after the release of his last album called ‘Un Verano sin ti’, which became a global hit and reached number one on music charts all over the world.

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