You won’t sell a single house wearing Birkenstock sandals!

“You won’t sell a single house wearing Birkenstock sandals!”

This is what I was told 18 years ago when I first entered the real estate business. I was attending a training session and our manager greeted me at the door, looked me up and down, and with a voice (and look) of disgust told me I would never sell a single house wearing Birkenstocks! Madre mía!

I was shocked and taken aback. Quite honestly, her words sliced deep into my gut and released all my insecurities. Maybe she was right? Maybe this Latina immigrant who wears Birks and has a full head of long dreadlocks (oh ya, did I mention my butt-long beautiful locks?!?), just isn’t cut out for the job. I had heard stereotypes of what a Realtor should look like, what type of car they should drive, and the aggressive nature they would have to possess to get deals done. I knew I was driven, motivated and eager to learn. But I also knew I didn’t identify with these stereotypes I believed to be true.  

What do you do when someone tells you can’t do something? Do you turn it into a challenge, or do you fold by the pressure? I embrace my haters. I thank them for doubting me and giving me the opportunity to prove them wrong. Then I go sleigh💅 This is the cloth I was cut from. Our Latino parents sacrificed way too much immigrating to a new country in the hopes of a better life for their children. 

I’ve heard the dumbest crap in this industry. You have to wear high heels and dress up every day. You have to drive a BMW or a Mercedes to get ahead. You have to be aggressive and tell buyers and sellers what is best for them. I’ve chosen to blaze my own trail. 

I really don’t think my clients care if I wear heels or sandals. And I’m not sure how the car that I drive would affect my ability to sell your home. Instead, I think people want me to relay my confidence and experience in this industry. They want to know I have a plan to sell their home for the most money with the least amount of inconvenience. And they want to be assured I’m going to be there every step of the way holding their hand – weather in heels or sandals!

And yes, 18 years later this Spicy Latina is still wearing her Birk’s!

Written by Leonor Agosto Henry

@leonorsells on Instagram

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