World Cup 2022 to start one day early with qatar Vs. Ecuador

BARRIO – The game was due to be played on 21 November as the third game, with Senegal against the Netherlands set to be the opening match earlier that day.

However, the administrative arm of world governing body Fifa submitted a proposal to move the Qatar game.

Kick-off will be at 16:00 BST and means the tradition of the hosts or holders starting the tournament continues.

The proposal followed discussions with Qatar and their opponents Ecuador, after receiving a request from the South American confederation Conmebol.

The change will not the affect the release dates for players, and Senegal against the Netherlands will now be at 16:00 on the Monday, given only three games will be played instead of four.

England’s Group B match with Iran, which is being played at 13:00 on 21 November, is unaffected, as is Wales’ opening match against the United States of America at 19:00 on the same date.

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