World Cup 2022: Petition for Julian Alvarez to leave his Girlfriend Reaches 20k

BARRIO – Julián Álvarez is one of the 22 members of the Argentine national team that won the 2022 World Cup. His life hasn’t been the same since, fans want to know everything about him.

As fans are now keeping an eye on everything Alvarez does, this Monday he received a strange request: that he end his relationship with the beautiful young Emilia Ferrero, because his fans consider her a toxic woman. The petition has now been signed by over 20 thousand people.

The fans consider that Julián is in the best moment of his career: he plays for Manchester City, champion of the English Premier League and starter of the Albiceleste after winning the place of Lautaro Martínez in the middle of the World Cup, where he scored four goals.

With all these achievements, he became the “object of desire” of many women who, concerned about his welfare, opened a petition on the portal to end the relationship.

Who is Emilia Ferrero, Julián Álvarez’s girlfriend?

Julián Álvarez, known as “La Araña” has been in a relationship for more than four years with María Emilia Ferrero, who is famous for creating content on social networks. On Instagram she has almost half a million followers.

The moment that annoyed the fans was when some children approached Julián to ask for a photograph and Emilia was rude to the fans, as she rejected the request saying that the couple did not “have time to attend them all”, although in exchange she proposed them to take a group photograph.

The petition points out that this kind of rudeness “can damage the image” of the soccer player, who went from being an almost unknown to one of the great darlings of the Argentine national team.

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