woman goes to The dom rep for a brazilian butt lift and leaves without a kidney

BARRIO – Many say that the Brazilian butt lift (BBL) is a surgical procedure that comes with many risks, but no one would suspect that they’d be in danger of having their kidney stolen in the process.

A life coach by the name of Anita went on her YouTube channel to share the story of her friend who traveled to the Dominican Republic for plastic surgery but ended up getting more than that.

Women are finding surgeons overseas for a cheaper price, but there are many consequences that may arise.

According to Anita, her friend became a victim of a cheap BBL nightmare after going to a doctor she found on Instagram.

“Around 7 months ago, my friend went to DR. She went to a doctor that she saw a girl post about on IG,” said Anita. “One thing you have to know about IG, is these girls get paid to promote these doctors. Whatever amount you pay towards that doctor is being CashApped to the same girl that’s like, ‘Oh yeah, say my name. Say I sent you.’ They’re getting a cut.”

According to Anita, her friend went through with the surgery, which included lipo and a tummy tuck for $3,500. However, when she returned to the United States for a post-op physical, she complained of headaches and body aches. After a visit to her doctor, she was informed that blood results showed her “kidney count was low.”

Her doctor then ordered a cat scan, revealing that Anita’s friend was missing a kidney.

Anita goes on to accuse the Dominican plastic surgeon of selling her friend’s kidney on the black market. “I don’t know how much kidneys go for on the black market, but I know it’s way more than $3,500,” she said.

Ladies, please be careful out there. Be comfortable in your own skin.

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