Vegetarians on the rise in Argentina despite their meat-eating tradition

In Buenos Aires, billboards featuring a sad piglet by a butcher’s fridge are part of a campaign by animal rights groups promoting veganism. Argentina’s meat-eating tradition, centered around barbecue, remains strong, with steakhouse culture deeply ingrained. Despite this, beef consumption has declined, partly due to economic challenges and health concerns about red meat. The rise of vegetarianism and veganism, driven by ethical and environmental considerations, is evident, with about 12% of Argentinians now following plant-based diets. Vegetarian options are increasingly available in restaurants, reflecting changing attitudes. However, while vegetarianism grows, overall meat consumption in Argentina has shifted towards chicken and pork, partly due to rising beef prices. The environmental impact of beef production is a concern, with arguments for and against its sustainability. Despite these changes, meat continues to hold a significant cultural and economic position in Argentina.

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