Toronto – Bundle Up, It’s Gonna Get Real Cold

BARRIO – Before you say it, we’re gonna say it for you. Well we live in Toronto. I get it, but Toronto hasn’t seen anything under -22 since January 21, 2019. It’s going to be brick cold from Thursday night to Saturday morning. We might even break a few records along the way.

It’s not just the core temperatures that are concerning. With the windchill it could feel close to -30 C at the peak of the cold spell. Those kinds of wind chills increase the risk of frostbite to exposed skin, with only 10 to 30 minutes of exposure needed in the elements.

The record low for Feb. 3 is -25 C (set back in 1955) and for Feb. 4 it is -24.4 C (set in 1946.)

While this cold snap in the GTA may feel extreme, it is also expected to be relatively short-lived. The temperature is forecast to be back above freezing by Sunday, and into the mid-single digits by next week.

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