Tim Hortons to double its amount of locations in Mexico by 2025

BARRIO – Tim Hortons has announced plans to launch 50 stores in the Queretaro region of Mexico, doubling its current footprint in the country. 

Backed by $30m investment, the Canadian coffee chain said the planned expansion would generate 1,000 new jobs and 7,500 indirect jobs over the next three years. 

Juan José Gutiérrez Chapa, the CEO of Tim Hortons in Mexico, said each new outlet will function as a production centre, baking products on-site daily. 

Seeking to expand its use of local suppliers, Tim Hortons wants to increase the percentage of coffee sourced in Mexico and distributed in its Mexican stores by 50% to 80% by the end of next year.

Currently 30% of the coffee sold by Tim Hortons in the country is from the southern Mexican state of Chiapas. 

Tim Hortons first launched in Mexico in 2017 and currently operates 51 stores across the country. 

The Canadian coffee chain is not alone in targeting a larger share of Mexico’s branded coffee chain market. 

Starbucks has also made massive investments.

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