Three North York FC athletes to receive athletic scholarships

North York FC has been a fixture in the Latin community for over 10 years. Parents register their children at the tender age of 3 so that they can learn and eventually grow to love the beautiful sport of soccer.

The club has been able to produce lots of talent on both, the male and female side. Its athletes have gone on to play at the collegiate/university level on scholarships, or League1, which is the province of Ontario’s pro-am senior league.

It takes a village to run an organization of this size. The club has a board of directors which is led by president and lawyer, Michael Taylor; and Carlos Brito, who is the founder of Toronto Latinos, is the Vice President.

Yesterday we were invited to The Hangar to partake in the official signing of this year’s batch of athletes moving on to play at the collegiate level on scholarships. Huge congratulations to;

Dalyla Horn – Centennial College – Centennial Colts

Eledina Horn – Centennial College – Centennial Colts

Cienna Toromoreno – Niagara College – Niagara Knights

Having met and spent time with the three athletes, there is no doubt in our minds that they will make an immediate impact on their respective teams.

If you have a child, family member, or friend who wishes to join a successful soccer club, please feel free to contact North York FC at


Instagram: @northyorkfctoronto

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