The Messi Experience: A multimedia journey into the Argentine soccer star

In a simulated TV studio, named “The Messi Experience,” is an AI-driven tribute to Messi’s life and career in Miami. Produced by Andres Naftali and David Rosenfeld’s company, Primo Entertainment, in collaboration with Moment Factory, the show aims to offer an immersive journey through Messi’s life using advanced technology. Despite the absence of personal memorabilia from Messi, the experience incorporates interactive elements like holograms and AI-enabled chatbots. The exhibit is part of a trend towards celebrity-focused attractions, with plans for global expansion. Visitors are moved by Messi’s story and impressed by the technological spectacle, although some elements, like a recreated childhood bedroom, lack authenticity. The experience highlights Messi’s impact on Miami’s soccer scene and ends with a holographic photo opportunity with Messi, emphasizing his humble persona.

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