‘Sound of Freedom’ $125 Million Indie Smash Hit Film

BARRIO (Variety) – Sound of Freedom, the indie action-drama film that has already earned over $125 million at the North American box office, will begin to move into international distribution from next month.

Angel Studios, the crowd-funded, Utah-based production and distribution firm behind the picture, says it has set releases in territories including the U.K., Australia and Latin America.

The company explained that it has arranged direct-to-theater distribution deals in Latin America, the U.K, and Ireland. In other territories it will take the more conventional route of partnering with distributors. No distribution alliances have been named.

It will first release in South Africa on Aug. 18, followed by Australia and New Zealand on Aug. 24. It ill reach the U.K. and Ireland on Sept. 1 and Spain on Oct. 11. A huge slew of South American territories, including Mexico, Argentina, Colombia and Venezuela, will receive the film from Aug. 31.

“Since ‘Sound of Freedom’ launched in the U.S., demand has been building around the world in dozens of regions and languages,” said Jared Geesey, senior VP of global distribution for Angel Studios. “Child trafficking is a global issue, and we hope to build on the incredible momentum here in the states and share the film’s powerful message worldwide.”

Starring Jim Caviezel, Mira Sorvino, Bill Camp, José Zúñiga and actor-producer Eduardo Verástegui, the film tells a fact-based story of a federal agent who rescues a boy from sex traffickers and then returns to the Colombian jungle to rescue his sister.

The film is written and directed by Alejandro Monteverde (Toronto winner “Bella” and “Little Boy”). 

Angel says that the film “is the only film in history to achieve a second-week jump greater than 35% during the summer blockbuster season,” and reports that it is now the top grossing independent film since the pandemic.

In its fourth week of release, the film’s U.S. screen count is now some 3,285 theater locations. Released on July 4, it domestic gross now stands at $127 million.

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