Siempre Tequila continues its dramatic expansion

Alex Lacroix, a former felon turned entrepreneur, is passionate about providing additive-free tequila through his brand Siempre. Teaming up with Prestige Beverage Group, they aim to expand Siempre Tequila to all 50 states by year-end. With six expressions imported by Prestige, including Plata, Reposado, Añejo, and more, Lacroix intends to disrupt the market and increase brand visibility.

Prestige will handle marketing and sales, leveraging their distributor relationships. This frees Lacroix to focus on strategic marketing and brand growth. The goal is to make Siempre a household name, emphasizing its authenticity and quality.

The partnership also signifies a shift towards additive-free tequila accessibility, challenging the dominance of conglomerate-produced brands. Lacroix highlights the prevalence of additives in many tequilas and encourages consumers to taste the difference. He recommends visiting for additive-free options and suggests comparing them to popular brands for a revealing taste test.

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