Saudi Arabia Shocks the World with Huge Win over Argentina

BARRIO – The unthinkable just occurred. World Cup favourites, and soccer giants Argentina, have lost their opening match to Saudi Arabia.

The first half appeared like Argentina was going to win this match 10 nil, but the 2nd half told a different story. The Saudi’s came out ready. Their first goal came at the 48th minute and the ‘go ahead’ goal coming in at the 53rd. Que golazo. Talk about a momentum shift.

Argentina made 4 substitutions shortly after and have maintained possession throughout the match at approximately 68%, but oddly enough it appears that Saudi Arabia still has momentum. It would only make sense if you were watching the match.

Messi did have a free kick outside the 18, but there was no threat, as it sailed over the crossbar. The Argentinians in the stadium, and I’m sure, around the world, are in complete disbelief.

Countless Argentinian opportunities, including a Messi header, within the last 10 minutes of the match, but nothing. Full credit to Saudi Arabia for not losing their composure.

Eight minutes of injury time was added with Argentina appearing to have 100% of the possession, but the Saudi’s were hanging on for dear life. What a match.

In the 95th minute, the Saudi goalkeeper came out strong and inadvertently kneed his teammate in the face, causing a huge delay. All players were genuinely concerned as the injury appeared to be real serious. We hope he’s ok. He gave a ‘thumbs up’ when on the stretcher.

Argentina has a lot of work to do as it does not get easier with Poland and Mexico waiting for them.

Ahhh, the beautiful game.

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