Ronald Acuna Jr. signs with Bad Bunny’s controversial Rimas Sports

Braves outfielder Ronald Acuna Jr. and international music sensation Bad Bunny share an unexpected connection through Rimas Sports, a controversial agency co-founded by Bad Bunny himself. Acuna, the reigning National League MVP, is reportedly set to sign with Rimas Sports for marketing and off-field business representation, although he will continue to be represented by Rep 1 Baseball for his baseball matters.

Rimas Sports, founded in April 2023 by Bad Bunny and his agent Noah Assad, aims to make strides in the sports industry. Despite facing scrutiny from the MLB Players Association (MLBPA) for allegedly offering improper benefits to players to entice them to join the agency, Rimas Sports continues its operations. The lead baseball agent, William Arroyo, had his MLBPA certification revoked due to these claims, which involved alleged incentives such as money and cars.

Although Rimas Sports and Rimas Entertainment, Bad Bunny’s record label, are separate entities, they share Bad Bunny’s influence and vision. Acuna’s potential partnership with Rimas Sports highlights the agency’s efforts to elevate athletes’ off-field endeavors, leveraging Bad Bunny’s global appeal and expertise in marketing.

Acuna’s decision to align with Rimas Sports underscores his desire to expand his brand and capitalize on his popularity both in the United States and his native Venezuela. As he navigates the fourth year of his lucrative eight-year contract extension with the Braves, valued at $100 million, Acuna’s association with Rimas Sports signals a strategic move to enhance his off-field opportunities while maintaining his on-field excellence.

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