rauw alejandro launches his very own cognac

BARRIO – Rauw Alejandro is getting into the spirit business. He has partnered with Societé des Vins et Eaux de Vie to creat a new cognac called “Más Miel”.

It is a mixture honey from Spain with high quality cognac that is produced by the mentioned liquor house.

Rauw also added“a pinch of ginger to give it the final touch. The result is amazing. It blows your mind when your palate feels the mix of all the ingredients.”

Rauw Alejandro explained that this is “a personal project” that he wanted to do for himself, his family, friends and, of course, his audience, and that honey is “essential” for his voice.

“A long time ago I was looking for a liquor made to my liking, and I didn’t want to partner with large corporations just to endorse a product, I wanted to create the drink myself and participate in the process,” he added.

“Más Miel” is already available in Puerto Rico and is priced around $35 a bottle. By the end of the year you will be able to order it online in the United States.

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