Pacheco wears Puerto Rican flag after Super Bowl win

Isiah Pacheco, the running back for the Kansas City Chiefs, is experiencing a career high after winning the Super Bowl against the San Francisco 49ers. Pacheco, who has Puerto Rican heritage, celebrated by draping the Puerto Rican flag around himself and taking photos to commemorate the occasion. In an interview with Telemundo, Pacheco expressed his elation and credited the team’s collective effort for the victory. He emphasized the importance of representing his country and heritage, noting the scarcity of Puerto Ricans in his profession. Born in New Jersey to Hispanic parents, with his mother from the Dominican Republic and his father from Puerto Rico, Pacheco is the only Latino player on the Chiefs, making him the sole Latino to win the Super Bowl. This victory marks his second consecutive Super Bowl win with the team, a feat not accomplished since Tom Brady’s era with the New England Patriots in the 2003-2004 season. Videos shared on social media showcased Pacheco celebrating with his Puerto Rican flag, adding to the significance of his triumph.

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