OSOCITY in Toronto

OSOCITY Is an American based DJ and record producer with a talent that has taken him international; DJ’ing in countries such as Israel, France, Dubai, England, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Saint Maarten, America….. AND now he’s in Toronto Canada…. OSOCITY has wide variety of musical selection and loves to blend genres. When on stage OSOCITY Displays a energy like something you never felt before, he does more than just play music, he performs, the way he controls the crowd with DJ’ing and MC skills is breathtaking.

OSOCITY has an amazing international fan base and has a presence that is felt worldwide. We call him ‘El DJ de la Pandemia’. During Covid lockdown, If you were at a friend’s house, and they would have on a ‘YouTube’ mix, it would more than likely be OSOCITY. He quickly became a household name.

OSOCITY DJ’s for the people. There is nothing more important to him than taking people on a musical journey & spreading great positive vibes into the universe. Every performance, every show, every interaction with another soul, his goal is to make it a memorable moment that will last a lifetime. Now we have him in Toronto. This weekend you might even catch him creating a video near the CN Tower and mingling with the people.

Tonight OSOCITY will be DJ’ing at Posh Supper Club. Tickets available on this website.

Disclosure: Toronto Latinos is involved in the production of this event.

Written by: Barrio Staff


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