no more communion hosts in cuba due to wheat shortage

BARRIO – The economic crisis in Cuba continues to make an impact. Due to the lack of wheat flour, no more Communion hosts can be made.

The St. Teresa Discalced Carmelite Monastery in Havana announced the news Wednesday.

“We inform all the dioceses that there are no longer hosts for sale. We have been working with the little flour that was left and what was in reserve has already run out,” the nuns reported in a statement shared by the Catholic publication Vida Cristiana.

“We hope and trust in the Lord that we can resume work soon, and once we have enough to distribute to all the dioceses, we will notify you,” they added.

The Catholic Church stipulates in the Redemptionis Sacramentum instruction that the host can only be made with wheat.

“It follows therefore that bread made from another substance, even if it is grain, or if it is mixed with another substance different from wheat to such an extent that it would not commonly be considered wheat bread, does not constitute valid matter for confecting the Sacrifice and the Eucharistic Sacrament,” the instruction states.

In addition, the instruction says: “It is a grave abuse to introduce other substances, such as fruit or sugar or honey, into the bread for confecting the Eucharist.” 

The lack of wheat flour is also affecting bread production throughout the island.

The official indicated that the low production is also due to the shortage of fuel for the ovens and the blackouts that continue to occur since Hurricane Ian hit the island in September.

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