New country, new life, new restaurant; How Seba moved from Toronto to the jungle in Costa Rica

We first met Seba back in 2016 when he had an Argentinian food truck. As per his family it was the first Argentinian food truck in Ontario. They even called it CHE. Our absolute favourite item on the menu was the CHORIPAAAAAAAN… IYKYK

Seba started cooking at a very young age; always watching his family make amazing asados and Italian dishes. His dad, who’s an absolute beauty, owned a restaurant for most of his life, so he felt the passion from young.

On May 16, 2015 his life changed forever. Seba was stuck at a corporate job that he was unhappy with. He knew he enjoyed cooking and had even worked at restaurants, but never really had the courage to start something on his own. Until one day, he saw a food truck for sale and bought it on the spot.

Seba explains how difficult it was to close the CHE food truck. It was three years, lots of fun, but he wanted something different. It was not easy making only six months of income. Food trucks aren’t particularly popular in the winter months. Truthfully, summers weren’t easy either. He sold the truck and went to Argentina to get inspired.

Upon his return, he called his best friend and convinced him to be his partner in a restaurant. They called it AMA. ‘Ama baby Ama’. IYKYK!

Seba recalls the difficulties of owning a restaurant in Toronto. They were successful and super busy every night, but high rent, noise complaints, and overhead was too much to bare. They overcame those obstacles and became one of the best restaurants in Toronto. Those empanada specials were epic. You couldn’t get a table. On any given night, you would bump into the entire Toronto FC soccer team or other Toronto celebs.

He poured his heart into AMA. They were firing on all cylinders, then… COVID. Toronto was bad, bad. Close, open, close, open. Toronto were toying with the hospitality industry. They decided enough was enough and sold the restaurant, but kept the name. AMA was his baby!

Before the COVID pandemic he met his now wife, Michelle. She kept talking about Costa Rica and how beautiful it was. (We’ve been there several times ourselves. Costa Rica is super nice.) Seba went for a visit and fell in love. They literally bought 42 acres of raw jungle. That’s not a typo. During COVID, the couple sold everything they had in Toronto and built a home in the their jungle. They planted over 150 fruit trees, are now 100% solar powered, and have mountain spring water.

He says it took a bit to get used to living in another country, but the sun, asados on the beach, and organic fruit helped. They quickly started a small farm to table bed and breakfast offering breakfast and tasting menu dinners.

Around the 2 year mark, he knew it was time to open a restaurant again. What Seba says, Seba does. He found a spot, and called it Sebas. It’s a farm to table restaurant inspired by his family’s culture and love for food. They specialize in Argentinian asados, handmade pastas, make the best pizzas in Costa Rica, and the absolute freshest fish dishes. We’re getting hungry as we type LOL

We asked Seba what is the ‘go to’ item on the menu and he said the 60 day aged, 1 kilo, Wagyu, bone in, rib eye. Holyyyyyyyyy LOL

We should add that he was also featured on top 100 pizzas in the world. Don’t bet against this guy; he ain’t playin’.

Sebas goal is to be the best restaurant in Costa Rica. They are 100% seed oil free and only use the best products. They support countless local farms and employ over 30 staff.

Seba loves Costa Rica. The sunshine, the organic fruit and the amazing people. As they say, Pura Vida is not only an expression, but a way of life.

Seba misses his friends and family in Toronto, and Toronto misses him!

If you’re in Costa Rica, look him up and pay him a visit. Tell him Barrio sent you.

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