New Colombian artists making waves

Reggaeton has become synonymous with Colombia, where its unique sounds and flow have propelled artists like J Balvin, Maluma, KAROL G, and Feid to international stardom. Spotify data shows the genre’s popularity extends beyond Colombia to Mexico, the U.S., Spain, Chile, and Argentina. Over 350 million user playlists on Spotify globally feature Colombian reggaeton artists. Emerging talents like Juan Duque, Pirlo, El Clooy, La Nue, and Soley are gaining momentum, expanding the genre’s legacy and experimenting with new sounds. These artists are following in the footsteps of their predecessors, aiming to top charts worldwide. For instance, Juan Duque, hailing from Marinilla, Antioquia, has seen a significant increase in streams, with his top song “Maria” garnering 17.9 million streams. Pirlo, part of the “Cali Cartel,” has experienced a remarkable rise, with his collaboration with Feid, “CUAL ES ESA,” reaching 62.4 million streams. El Clooy, influenced by R&B and hip-hop, has gained over 366,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, with his top song “Ganas” surpassing 8.7 million streams. La Nue, also part of the “Cali Cartel,” has seen a surge in streams, with his collaboration “Todos Mienten” amassing 12.6 million streams. Soley, known for her vocal versatility, has over 427,000 monthly Spotify listeners and performed at Karol G’s Mañana Será Bonito Fest. Her songs like “3:33” and “Respira” have garnered millions of streams, primarily from Colombia, Spain, the U.S., Mexico, and Peru.

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