Messi reveals his pregame Apple Music playlist

Former Barcelona head coach Pep Guardiola once likened Lionel Messi to an artist, suggesting his impact transcends sports akin to figures like Miquel Barcelo, Ferran Adria, or Shakespeare. Messi, often hailed for his aesthetic style, has now ventured into the music industry with a motivational podcast released on Apple Music titled ‘Messi: The Warm-Up,’ featuring a 60-song playlist reflecting his pre-match ritual. Messi revealed that music plays a vital role in calming his mind and helping him stay relaxed on match days. The playlist encompasses various genres, including Latin pop, cumbia, reggae, and rock, featuring artists like Maluma, Rosalia, Coldplay, Rihanna, AC/DC, and Drake. Notably, Messi holds a special affinity for Mexican singer Peso Pluma, with five of his songs featured on the playlist. The playlist’s diversity is evident, ranging from Hispanic influences to global sensations. Messi plans to use the playlist as Inter Miami kicks off their 2024 campaign against Real Salt Lake.

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