Meet MJ Acosta-Ruiz, the Afro-Latina ex-cheerleader turned NFL host

MJ Acosta-Ruiz is making significant strides in the sports media industry, much like her friend Joy Taylor. Starting as a cheerleader for the Miami Dolphins, she’s now an Emmy Award-winning presenter on NFL Total Access, marking her as the first Afro-Latina and woman of color to host a show at the NFL Network. Acosta-Ruiz, who is bilingual in English and Spanish, also contributes to NFL Mexico and NFL Español.

She shares a close friendship with Fox Sports star Taylor, often seen together on social media, and recently visited Santa Anita Race Track with friends. Acosta-Ruiz’s passion for sports stems from her father, a former pro basketball player, and her love for dance, which led her to cheerleading.

Transitioning to TV journalism, she worked for WPLG in Miami before covering the Chargers in San Diego. In 2018, she joined the NFL Network as a reporter for the Oakland Raiders and San Francisco 49ers. In 2020, she became the sole host of NFL Total Access, coinciding with her marriage to US Marine David Ruiz and their move to Los Angeles. Acosta-Ruiz sees her pioneering role at NFL Network as a source of pride, despite its challenges.

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