Meet Kamilla Cardoso, the Brazilian Picked No. 3 in the 2024 WNBA Draft

International athletes face significant challenges when they relocate to the United States to pursue their sports careers, leaving behind their familiar lives to navigate a new environment. Kamilla Cardoso, originally from Brazil, made this leap four years ago to play basketball in American high schools and colleges, a decision that has proven successful. She attended Hamilton Heights Christian Academy in Tennessee before committing to Syracuse University and later transferring to the University of South Carolina.

Her move to South Carolina was validated by her role in securing the team’s second NCAA national championship in 2023-24. Cardoso’s impressive stats in her final college season positioned her as a top prospect for the 2024 WNBA Draft. Despite being far from her Brazilian family, Cardoso’s mother, Janete Soares, and sister, Jessica Silva, surprised her during Senior Day at South Carolina, marking a poignant reunion and highlighting the sacrifices made by Cardoso’s family for her basketball career. Silva, an entrepreneur and fitness enthusiast, has consistently supported Cardoso, even celebrating her championship win on social media.

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