Meet Elyssa, Cinthia, and Viviana of Confetti My Party

BARRIO – Meet Viviana, Cinthia and Elyssa of Confetti My Party.

Three friends that decided to take a risk and it has paid off. They started their business in a small corner in Cinthia’s basement. Then they took over the entire basement, and it didn’t take them long to outgrow that. NOW, you can visit Toronto’s premier party boutique at 65 Densley Ave in the Keele and Lawrence neighbourhood in Toronto. They specialize in luxury balloons, personalized helium bouquets and magical balloon installations. You imagine it, and they’ll bring it to life.

We spoke to Viviana about the backstory and you can just feel the passion and excitement in her voice. Cinthia was the only one with real event planning experience. During the Covid19 pandemic, Cinthia was on maternity leave, Elyssa was working remotely as a banker, and Viviana had lost her job. They were flirting with the business, but Viviana said “Our first install took nine hours.” LOL

As they say, practice makes perfect, and they got better and faster real quick. They started an Instagram page that took off. It went from 500 followers to 1k, then shortly after to 5k. Two months later they were at 10k, and one month after that 15k! Today they’re at approximately 32k followers on IG. One of their reels has 500k views!

It took us seven years to get to 33k followers on IG, and speaking from experience… shit wasn’t easy!

Their initial plan was to look for a commercial space where they can work on their activations, but then they collectively thought, GO BIG OR GO HOME. Today they have a storefront. They transformed the space in 3 months and held their grand opening.

Not many people had RSVP’d to the invitation, so they didn’t know what to expect. Thankfully for everyone, the event was a success. It was a very busy day. All their hard work had paid off. They have plenty of walk-in traffic and have been real busy since.

Their most popular package starts at $145, but there are lower price points as well. If you want to go extravagant, then you can go well over $500. Like we mentioned earlier, you imagine it and they’ll bring it to life.

Visit their website at or their IG page at @confettimyparty.

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