Marineland Orca Dies After 40yrs In Captivity

BARRIO – Kiska, Marineland’s orca, had died after more than 40 years in captivity at the Niagara Falls facility.

A necropsy has been conducted, the ministry said, and Animal Welfare Services was onsite both Thursday and Friday to “determine compliance with the standards of care, including the requirement to perform a post-mortem.”

According to Brent Ross, spokesperson for the ministry, “MarineLand has been inspected 160 times since January 2020 as part of Animal Welfare Services’ work to ensure the standards of care under the PAWS Act are being met.”

The ministry declined to comment further given its ongoing inspections at the park.

On Friday, advocacy organization Animal Justice issued a statement, renewing calls for charges to be laid in relation to the aquarium’s treatment of Kiska.

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