Marc Anthony Pandemic Virtual Concert Streamer Sued

BARRIO – Do you remember Marc Anthony’s failed worldwide virtual concert during the pandemic??? It has sparking a legal war between the promoter and the streaming service … and it’s getting nasty.

The promoter, Loud and Live, is suing streaming platform Maestro … claiming the streaming service didn’t hold up its end of the bargain in a virtual event that spectacularly crashed and burned.

According to a new lawsuit, Loud and Live claims it approached Maestro about live streaming a Marc Anthony concert to a global audience during the pandemic, signing a deal after Maestro assured Loud and Live it could handle a stream with over 100,000 viewers. BUT,  the live stream for Marc’s April 2021 concert was an absolute disaster, with people around the world complaining about staring at a blank screen for hours until the singer finally pulled the plug.

In the docs, Loud and Live says more than 100k fans shelled out between $25 and $40 for the live stream … only for Maestro’s streaming platform to completely fail.

Marc’s 90-minute concert, which was performed live and recorded, was then released for free the following day on his YouTube account … the same day Loud and Live says it started issuing refunds.

In the docs, Loud and Live rips Maestro … claiming the streaming service misrepresented its technological capabilities.

Loud and Live says it suffered a huge financial hit — paying Marc and Maestro up-front fees, then promoting and financially backing the concert before ultimately losing out on the streaming sales … so, it’s going after Maestro for damages.

We reached out to Maestro … and they say, “We believe the claims are without merit and we intend to contest them vigorously.”

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