Largest pupusa world record set by Gastronomical Festival 

BARRIO (World Record Academy) – The world’s largest pupusa was made during the Gastronomical Festival in Los Angeles. La pupusa had a diameter of 10 feet, 2 inches; previous record was 112 inches (3,04 Meters). It was a celebration where the community could amuse itself and eat of pupusa gigantic.

Pupusa has become an appetizing one that pleases to people of different nationalities. Slowly pupusa has been inserted in the taste of all those that dare to prove it. After El Salvador, Los Angeles can consider the second capital of pupusa. It is in Los Angeles where pupusa has obtained that international dimension that has arrived at paladares of the rich cultural diversity that that city exists.

At the present time pupusa is a subject of gossip elaborated with fresh and natural ingredients of different origin. Pupusa generally accompanies with tanning by repollo and sauce by tomato, and many enjoy it next to a rate coffee, chocolate, refreshments of fruits and beer. It combined the maize with other foods such as frijol, the flower of loroco, ayote, the cheese, the rice, the meat of pig and other ingredients that gave like result the origin of the famous “PUPUSA”. This typical food with Cuzcatleco flavor identifies as much to our people in El Salvador as anywhere of the world, being this ícono unifying of the Salvadoran diáspora.

Pupusas began to appear in the United States in years 80 like result of the flow of Salvadorans who for different reasons arrived at the South of California. 

The Chamber of Commerce Salvador-California wants to leave the first legacy to the new generations of Salvadorans.

In the eagerness to spread and to preserve the cultural identity, the Salvadorans were becoming space in the large city of Los Angeles. In the process of cultural assimilation, the first restaurants and pupuserías arose.

This culinaria industry soon was recognized, and accepted nonsingle by the Salvadoran community but also by Mexican, Cuban, Central American, South American and Anglo-Saxon the community. 

Pupusa has become a typical subject of gossip with popular recognition, taking an almost comparable place to hamburgers, the Mexican tacos or pizza.

El Salvador is the smallest country of the American continent. Commonly it is described like the pulgarcito of America. 

The Salvadoran town characterizes being a working, loving town of La Paz and untiring fighter.

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