Monster Jam

Lainez wins Monster Jam in Hamilton

Born of Central American parents, Elvis Lainez wanted to become a Monster Jam driver at the age of two. He did everything he could to get into the sport. At the age of 15 he started volunteering at shows and helping out teams. When he turned 18 he got his opportunity and hasn’t looked back.

While he didn’t get to choose his truck, Lainez said he thought El Toro Loco was a good match. Lainez grew up in Houston, is Latino and speaks Spanish. El Toro Loco was created by a Latino driver from Texas. Lainez points out that Latinos all around the world have bonded with El Toro Loco as the truck resembles a bull and it blows smoke from the nostrils.

This past weekend The Monster Jam show took place at the First Ontario Centre in Hamilton. Lainez won the Sunday afternoon event. 

When Lainez is not driving a truck he’s trimming back trees in Texas. He attributes this to his humble beginnings. He’s very passionate about both professions.

Written by: Staff

Source: Monster Jam, iheart 

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