La Fuente Del Puro Sabor is celebrating their 30th anniversary at Plaza Latina by bringing La Sonora Dinamita

Yesterday we caught up with Martha Quintero of La Fuente del Puro Sabor. The corner Juice Bar at Canada’s First Latin Mall, Plaza Latina, will be celebrating their 30th anniversary on August 10, 2024. For those who know us, you know we host most of our business meetings at the plaza. La Fuente is definitely our ‘go to’ spot for smoothies. IYKYK

It’s hard to believe that La Fuente has been there for almost 30 years. Señora Martha can’t believe it herself. Thinking back, she remembers visiting the plaza with her husband Stalin, and a friend told her that the plaza is missing a natural juice bar. That was it. They’ve been there ever since.

Like any new business, the struggle was real. Promoting to the Latin community was not easy. There was no social media back then. The plaza at the time was known as El Mercadito. They would host events for kids to try to get families to visit. Weekends at El Mercadito were slammed. You would be pressed to find a table. For Christmas the tenants would pitch in for food and get together for dinner. Martha recalls the owners of La Costeñita singing Celia Cruz and Thalia. What a vibe.

Like any other business, there were many ‘ups and downs’. New management, tenants would come and go, and some great friends are no longer with us. Covid was definitely a time that she wishes to forget. Stores closed forever; the plaza was a ghost town. But Martha wouldn’t change a thing, she remains upbeat. Martha and her family would always remain consistent; Customer service is paramount, and if you ordered here before, you know that she pours her heart into every order.

We had an opportunity to discuss the future of La Fuente, and Martha mentions that she’ll stay on as long as she can, but would love for her children to takeover the Juice Bar. Jonathan, Roberto and Diana basically grew up at the plaza. I’ll say this, every time I got there, I bump into at least one of them LOL

For now, Stalin and Martha Quintero want us to join them in celebrating their 30 year anniversary. To celebrate they’re bringing Sonora Dinamita, directamente de Colombia! We can’t wait. See you all there! Tickets available on our website. Click here.

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