Kate Del Castillo to portray Chavela Vargas in upcoming series

Kate del Castillo is set to portray the legendary ranchera singer Chavela Vargas in an upcoming biographical series titled “Chavela.” The series, chronicling Vargas’s tumultuous life and career, will delve into her struggles with demons, heartbreak, and alcoholism, which led to her disappearing from the public eye for over fifteen years. Del Castillo expressed both honor and challenge in taking on the role, emphasizing her passion for portraying Vargas’s multifaceted character and her love for Mexico. Despite feeling intimidated by Vargas’s poetry, esotericism, and passion for tequila, del Castillo sees it as an opportunity to learn and grow. Born in Costa Rica in 1919, Vargas faced a difficult childhood and found success as a singer in Mexico in her thirties, defying traditional gender norms and bringing authenticity to ranchera and folk music. She publicly came out as a lesbian at the age of 81 and had a rumored affair with artist Frida Kahlo in the early 1940s. Vargas passed away in 2012 at the age of 93 due to chronic health issues.

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