Karol G set to own her own Masters in a deal valued at almost $100million

BARRIO (Yahoo) – Karol G is expanding her musical empire with her latest deal.

Per Billboard, the Colombian Chica Boss recently closed a deal with Interscope Records that would allow her to release all her new music under her label, Bichota Records.

While Interscope Records would be the one to distribute Karol’s new music, it is reported that she will own all of her masters.

So what does it mean to own your masters?

According to Amuse, to own your masters means to own the song’s original recording.

A great example of what it means to own your masters is how Taylor Swift has released “Taylor’s version” of some of her older albums since she didn’t own the original recordings of those songs.

A source who spoke to Billboard notes that Karol’s deal is “valued at almost $100 million.”

Karol’s move to Interscope Records, and now Bichota Records, puts her in an elite group of Latino megastars like Anitta and Bad Bunny, who have jumped from Latin-focused record labels to a mainstream label.

In a statement announcing the new deal with Interscope, Karol says, “I’m continuously amazed at the support my fans give me, which motivates me to deliver the best of me, and I’m certain that this partnership with Interscope and their incredible team will help us continue building and making history.”

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