Karol G and Feid’s Love Story

Karol G and Feid, both talented Colombians with shared origins and a love for music, sparked rumors about their romantic relationship during Karol G’s U.S. Bichota Tour in 2021. Despite initially dismissing the speculations, their bond deepened over time, and by June 2023, they were publicly seen holding hands, confirming their romance.

Their love story intertwined with their musical collaboration, especially during Karol G’s ‘Mañana Ser Bonito’ U.S. stadium tour, where Feid joined her for performances at the Rose Bowl. Karol G dedicated a song to Feid during the tour, solidifying their relationship. A Rolling Stone profile further highlighted their connection, featuring a candid photo of Feid as Karol G’s phone background.

Both artists, hailing from Medellín, Colombia, share a deep passion for reggaeton, a genre rooted in Puerto Rican music, blending reggae and hip-hop influences. Their success not only showcases their talent but also reflects their commitment to representing their Latin American and Medellín roots in their music and style.

Feid, a reggaeton powerhouse and accomplished songwriter, has collaborated with industry giants like J Balvin, Nicky Jam, and Christina Aguilera. His unique fashion style, featuring lime green accents and basketball shorts, pays homage to the Medellín ‘nea’ subculture. In 2023, Feid earned six Latin American Grammy nominations and headlined his own U.S. tour, solidifying his position in the reggaeton landscape.

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