Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are headed for a divorce

Ben Affleck has reportedly moved out of the home he shares with Jennifer Lopez, signaling a potential end to their relationship, according to an exclusive source from In Touch magazine. Despite Lopez’s co-chair position at the Met Gala, Affleck did not attend the event with her, citing work commitments. However, sources suggest that this decision may have been indicative of larger issues in their marriage, with Affleck allegedly deciding to end things.

The couple’s differing approaches to fame and media attention have been an ongoing source of tension. While Lopez is comfortable with public scrutiny, Affleck prefers to maintain a lower profile. Their attempts to compromise on this issue have proven challenging, ultimately contributing to the strain on their relationship.

Despite rekindling their romance in 2021 and marrying in July 2022, Affleck and Lopez seem unable to overcome longstanding issues from their past relationship, which ended in 2004. Despite their love for each other, it appears that they may be headed for divorce.

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