J Balvin and Christian Nodal’s Beef Explained

BARRIO – So what happened yesterday with Mexican singer Christian Nodal and the Colombian singing and rapping sensation J Balvin.

All it took was a change in hairstyle from Nodal to ignite the new feud. It started last night (June 1) on Instagram and was started by J Balvin.

He posted a photo of Christian Nodal, who has a new bleach blonde hairdo, alongside another photo of himself showing off a similar look. Balvin’s caption under the post translates to “Spot the differences”, followed by two laughing emojis and a tag of Nodal’s IG username.

The comparison did not go down well with Nodal and he was quick to respond. Replying on Instagram stories, Nodal did not hold back. Nodal claimed that he was more talented than Balvin and boasted that his photo had been taken by the press, whereas Balvin’s had been taken by himself.

But Nodal did not stop there. He then posted another story where he can be seen listening to a J Balvin diss, made by rap artist Residente when the pair were feuding.

J Balvin, of course, responded by mentioning Belinda, Nodal’s ex-girlfriend.

The video appear friendly, with the singer stating he’d posted the comparison photo “without any bad intention”.

Nodal then responded once again. Returning to Instagram stories, Christian Nodal told his fans that J Balvin had woken up “without taking his meds”. He continued: “He uploaded a photo for them to make fun of me”. Before warning Balvin that he’s going to jump into the studio to record a diss.

“I’m going to the booth now, because I’m going to get something out tonight for this guy who hasn’t learned anything.”

Nodal concluded by telling Balvin he is the “benchmark for everything that is wrong in the industry” and asked, “What’s the point of filling stadiums with people if your music doesn’t fill anything”.

Balvin responded on his Instagram story, wishing Nodal good luck, but there appears to be no signs of reconciliation at this point.

For anyone hoping for a Christian Nodal and J Balvin collab anytime soon, you may have to wait a little longer…

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