Isiah Pacheco of Puerto Rican Heritage is Now Super Bowl Champion

BARRIO – Last year Kansas City Chiefs rookie running back, Isiah Pacheco, was accepting an invite to the NFL combine after a great season at Rutgers University in New Jersey. AND yesterday he played in the Super Bowl. GOALS.

Pacheco was born in New Jersey, but his background is Puerto Rican heritage from his father’s side. His rise did not come easy. Both his siblings were killed, within a two year span, while he was still in high school. Even then, he managed to get a a football scholarship. Incredible.

Pacheco’s rise to NFL stardom has been surprising. Going from seventh-round draft pick, to starting running back from a team that played in the Super Bowl yesterday is not normal. A true testament to his talent and hard work.

Superstar quarterback, Patrick Mahomes said, “He’s so physically gifted. It’s hard for defences to account for how physical he runs. I think it’s because of the work ethic he has plus his talent, you mesh those two things and get such a great product, and that’s what he’s doing right now.”

It’s rare that a player that went 251st in the NFL draft, and not only plays in the Super Bowl as a starting running back in his rookie season, but also wins it. You can make a movie out of this.

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