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Funeral Takes Unexpected Turn in Peru after Woman to be Buried is Found Alive

TORONTO (Barrio) – A group of mourners in Peru were in for a shock when the coffin of a dead person made a knocking sound from the inside. What was presumed to be a normal funeral turned out to be absolutely dramatic when the person inside the coffin was found to be alive.

A funeral was conducted on April 26 for Rosa Isabel Cespedes Callaca who was pronounced dead after being involved in a dreadful car crash on the Chiclayo-Picsi Road in Lambayeque city.

A funeral was organized for people to pay their final respects to Rosa. During the procession when the coffin in which Rosa was placed was lifted onto the mourners’ shoulders, strange knocking sounds were heard from it. When the family lowered the coffin and opened it, they were absolutely shocked to see Rosa still alive and gasping for air.

She was seen sweating and looking at everyone. The family rushed Rosa to Referential Hospital Ferrenafe where she was found to have weak signs of life. She was then put on life support, following which her health condition worsened and she died a few hours later.

The family and relatives are accusing the medical team at the Lambayeque Regional Hospital of negligence. They suspect that she might have been in a coma after the accident that led the doctors to pronounce her dead.

Source: News18

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