For the first time ever, ‘Blood In Blood Out’ available for streaming

Disney brought back the 1993 crime drama “Blood In Blood Out” for streaming on Hulu as of May 1. Directed by Taylor Hackford, the film explores the lives of three Mexican American cousins in East Los Angeles, delving into gang and prison violence. Originally released under the title “Bound by Honor” due to concerns over its content, the movie struggled at the box office but gained a cult following through home video and word of mouth, particularly among Latino audiences.

Despite initial lack of support from Disney executives, the film’s resonance with audiences has endured over the years. Screenwriter Jimmy Santiago Baca highlighted the people’s role in giving the film longevity and popularity, emphasizing its validation of their life experiences. Interest in “Blood In Blood Out” remains high, as evidenced by a recent screening at Cal State L.A. and the publication of a companion book chronicling the film’s creation.

Director Taylor Hackford expressed gratitude for the ongoing support and excitement surrounding the film’s 30th anniversary. Hulu’s decision to stream the original unedited version signifies a significant moment for both the cast and crew, as well as the Latino community, who have embraced the movie as a classic.

Damian Chapa who plays Miklo was in Toronto last week celebrating the film’s 30 yr anniversary. Our partner Alex Narvaez did not miss the opportunity to meet him. STAY TUNED TORONTO!

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