Dominican Republic wants Help to assist with Gang Violence in Haiti

BARRIO – The president of the Dominican Republic has called on the international community to intervene in Haiti to halt gang violence.

Haiti’s interim prime minister, called for an international military force to stop armed gangs from terrorizing the country.

The Dominican Republic is seeing huge numbers of Haitian migrants, many whom cross the boarder illegally. This has caused Haitians being deported in record numbers.

The US indicates that the mass detention of illegal Haitian migrants are forced to stay in overcrowded detention centres, sometimes without access to food or lavatories.

It has been estimated that approximately 20,000 Haitians are being sent home monthly from the D.R.

A security fence is currently being built along the border to deter illegal migration. The first section will be finished next year and by 2024 it will extend across about half of the frontier, with surveillance technology covering more mountainous areas.

The Dominican Republic has been among the fastest-growing economies in Latin America and the Caribbean over the past two decades, helped by a consensus around business-friendly policies and a thriving tourism industry. 

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