Disney is facing backlash for suing small car wash in Chile

The Walt Disney Company is once again under criticism for targeting a small car wash in Chile. Disney has filed a lawsuit against a “Star Wars” themed car wash on the outskirts of Santiago, claiming that the name “Star Wash” and its themed decor are too similar to the iconic space saga, potentially causing confusion among customers.

Star Wash, with its unique take on the traditional car wash featuring workers dressed as “Star Wars” characters, has gained a global Instagram following of over 26,000. However, when the owner, Matias Jara, attempted to register the name with the Chilean patent authority, Lucasfilm, the “Star Wars” production company owned by Disney, filed a lawsuit against it.

Jara argues that the names are distinct enough and asserts that Lucasfilm’s copyright should not extend to car washes. He is actively contesting the lawsuit, highlighting that Star Wash is solely focused on car washing and not selling movie-related merchandise.

To garner support for his business, Jara has posted videos and hired impersonators, framing the dispute as a “legal battle of epic proportions” between the modest Star Wash and the formidable “Lucasfilm Empire.” The legal battle is taking a toll on the small business, which is facing unexpected expenses.

As news of Disney’s legal actions circulated, social media users criticized the company for going after a small business, especially considering Disney’s recent financial challenges, such as significant losses at the box office and in Disney+ revenue. Some expressed support for Star Wash, suggesting that the car wash was contributing more positively to the “Star Wars” franchise than Disney itself.

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