Daddy Yankee and Don Omar announce an end to their ‘Controversial Rivalry’

BARRIO (HOLA) – Daddy Yankee is finding peace and ending feuds in this new stage of his life. The Puerto Rican singer recently announced he is retiring and devoting his life to Jesus, and he has now made room for forgiveness. On Tuesday, the 46-year-old reggaeton legend shared a photo of Don Omar, with a long caption in Spanish explaining their years-long feud is now over.

The reggaeton singers came to fame in the early 2000s as pioneers in the genre, and there was always competition between them. But things seemingly took a turn during their co-headling The Kingdom Tour: Daddy Yankee Vs Don Omar in 2015 – 2016.

Yankee acknowledged in his caption that Omar “has also done great things for this genre,” which divided them. “Today I feel at ease knowing that was left behind, and we are an example that we can have differences but there will always be room for forgiveness,” he wrote.

“You have also been a great opponent and I will never stop acknowledging everything you have also done for our movement,” the singer, whose real name is, Ramón Luis Ayala Rodríguez, continued. “I hope our last round is against the enemy of souls, fighting together in the army of the Lord!”

A couple of hours later, Omar shared a similar post with a photo of Yankee. “Today we close the book that held the best chapters of our controversial rivalry,” he wrote in the caption. “Thank you for your competitive temple and admirable discipline but more so thank you for what you did for our music. Thank you for collaborating and competing because I did it with a titan,” he continued. “I keep the good memories, the laughs, the dreams together, and the desire for a final round with such a great opponent.”

What’s interesting about the singer’s caption is they both alluded to a “final round.” Which could point to a collaboration – or another tour with the two legends. They have quite a few songs together like, “Gata Gangster” and “Yo Soy De Aqui.”

What was the beef?

Although the singers were each other’s competition for decades, things seemed to have taken a turn when they went on tour together. The Kingdom Tour was initially a 60-date Yankee/Omar tour scheduled to run for two years. It also included a joint album and a TV show for the two artists but was canceled after only nine shows.

In a 2022 interview, Omar delved into the complexities of his relationship with Yankee, expressing frustration over treatment as a collaborator, including marketing tactics and lack of payment for live shows.

Omar also discussed disappointment in the absence of a joint concert tour agreement, and touched on specific incidents that left him feeling disrespected.

He cited a Las Vegas show, where Yankee played longer than he did, saying his team then unplugged all the DJ machines, leading to a 20-minute delay and Omar leaving.

Their Vegas show was on July 30, 2016, and they only played three more shows, ending the tour in Los Angeles on August 27. Omar claimed Yankee and his team threatened to sue him after a disagreement over money which led to the end of their business deal.

Yankee responded to Omar’s claims last month in November with Santiago Matías from Alokeke Music Group. “Did I turn off the console at Madison, at the other concerts we had, and people saw me as the winner?” Yankee asked. “What happens is that it’s unfortunate that he is going to try to justify until his last breath that he did not give up and quit. That hurts. No matter what people say, you know deep down in your heart that this happened and there is no way to justify it,” he continued.

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