cuba requests aid from USA after hurricane ian

BARRIO – Cuba’s government has made a rare request for emergency assistance from the USA after Hurricane Ian knocked out power to the whole island of 11 million people (according to reports).

Hurricane Ian tore through the island nation on Tuesday, causing country-wide blackouts, flattening homes and destroying agricultural fields. Cubans have staged protests against the government over the power loss, which heightened concerns over ongoing food, fuel and medicine shortages.

Washington has assessed that Cuban authorities would place priorities on hospitals, water pumping facilities, sanitation and other critical infrastructure if the Biden administration were to provide aid, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing a review of e-mail communications.

Biden has promised to re-engage with Cuba after years of tensions between Havana and Washington. But Cuba’s crackdown following widespread protests on the island last July led instead to sanctions on Cuban officials.

The Cuban government blamed the protests on meddling by the United States.

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