Colombia’s Cannabis Exports Double in 2022

BARRIO – Colombia’s cannabis exports were on pace to nearly double last year, as the South American country aims to meet demand in the small but growing international import market.

Between January and November 2022, Colombia exported $8.4 million worth of cannabis, up 96% compared to the same period one year earlier.

58% of the exports were destined for Latin America and the Caribbean.

Medical cannabis is a sector that has significant potential in generating quality employment especially for women, in different regions of the country.

The top destination for cannabis exports from Colombia was Argentina, which accounted for 40% of the value.

The remaining destinations were:

  • Brazil (14%)
  • Australia (12%)
  • Switzerland (7%)
  • Israel (6.5%)
  • United States (6%)
  • Germany (5.5%)

In 2022, over 90% of Colombia’s cannabis exports originated from the departments of Bogotá, Cundinamarca and Antioquia.

However, the government said another 12 regions have been identified as departments with high export potential for cannabis.

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