Cartagena Colombia to construct the country’s first shopping resort

Starting in 2027, Cartagena on Colombia’s Caribbean coast will host the country’s first shopping resort, Kristal Malls, which will feature 120,000 square meters of commercial space within a 20-hectare area in the northern part of the city. This project, part of a larger residential and leisure development, is currently in the construction phase, with an investment of 1.3 trillion pesos for the commercial space and potentially 2.3 trillion pesos when office towers are included. The mall will house over 200 stores and restaurants, including a 4,300 square meter Exito department store. It is expected to create 1,200 construction jobs and 600 permanent jobs.

Kristal Malls is being developed by Arquitectura & Concreto, AED, Renta Urbana, and Urbanum. The surrounding residential project, Azul de Arenas, includes Krystal Blue with 1,500 apartments and Blu Ville with 300 homes. The shopping center will feature a crystalline lagoon and is set to become the largest in the Colombian Caribbean.

Cartagena is a major tourist destination in Latin America, known for its historical walled city, pristine beaches like the Rosario Islands and Playa Blanca, vibrant nightlife, and diverse gastronomy. The city’s rich culture, history, and natural beauty make it a key driver of Colombian tourism.

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