Canelo Now Having Words With Aguero Over the Messi Incident

BARRIO – Canelo has been acting erratic in recent months, most recently calling out Lionel Messi on Twitter for supposedly stepping on a Mexico jersey.

When Canelo was called out by Aguero about the incident, Canelo doubled down.

Aguero explained to Canelo that the video clearly proves Messi did not step on the Mexico jersey and said it’s normal for clothing to be on the floor in a locker room.

“You too, a–hole? You used to write me, ‘ay, ay, Canelo, and now you’re crying,” Alvarez tweeted back at Aguero. “Don’t be a hypocrite, a—hole.”

Canelo’s resent behaviour doesn’t appear to be normal, so fans are worried he might have chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE).

Canelo has been boxing professionally for over 15 years, taking countless blows to the head throughout his career.

Contact sports and violent disciplines such as football and boxing are the most common ways people get CTE.

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