Canada ranked as world’s safest country for travel in 2024

According to a report by Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection (BHTP), Canada has been ranked as the world’s safest country for travelers in 2023-2024, moving up five spots from the previous year’s ranking. This assessment is based on various measures, including safety from violent crime, terrorism, transportation safety, health measures, and safety for specific groups like women, travelers of color, and LGBTQ+ travelers.

Key factors contributing to Canada’s high ranking include its cold weather, low population density, and low incidence of violent and gun-related crimes. However, concerns regarding wildfires affecting air quality in major cities were highlighted in the report.

In each sub-category used for ranking, Canada secured the top position, signifying its overall safety across various aspects of travel. Despite variations based on respondents’ age and income, Canada consistently ranked among the top safest countries for travel. Among Millennials and members of Gen Z, Canada maintained its high ranking, while respondents with higher incomes placed Canada second overall. Additionally, parents considered Canada as the safest country for travel.

Overall, Canada’s ranking as the safest travel destination underscores its appeal to travelers worldwide, with its reputation for safety across diverse demographics and travel preferences.

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