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Bienvenidos a Mamá Poderosa!

Grab your pan dulce & cafecito, or that bag of Takis & una Corona bien fria – whatever you prefer, I’m down for it all – and let’s get into it!

If you’re new here, welcome! If you have been keeping up, muchas gracias! It has been a minute!! I’m excited to share this new venture with you all and catch you up on all the chisme! 

Why Mama Poderosa? Because you are Latinx, you are poderosx, you are living this thing called vida loca, you are chingonx but sometimes a chillonx, maybe even ansiosx but still preciosx, because you are you and this will be a great read. Always. Why? Because this page is real, raw, authentic and unique. You will find Spanish titles, English reads with a dash of Spanglish here & there, covering my life as a MexiCanadian, Wifey, Mama, Teacher and Amiga. Mainly and most importantly, the honesty and vulnerability that is to be exposed will have you coming back for more. Not to mention, a little Tarot in what I like to call “consejito de las cartas” to tap into that inner brujitx jaja. ← Also, hints of laughing in Spanish just to keep things fun!  

Excited? You should be! Not only will you experience great stories, advice, humor and realness – I will add in links to books, resources, snacks and all things Latinx that I have found along the way to embrace and indulge in our cultura! No pos guaaaaau!! Right?! Jaja. 

Osea, welcome to your new chisme spot! Vamonos!! 

I’ve come a long way in embracing my whole self, and changing the dialogue from “Ni de aqui, ni de alla” to “De aquí y de allá”. Porque being Latinx isn’t about where you are born or how good your Spanish is. It’s about that sangre guerrera that floods your veins, the cultura that fills your being y el orgullo that you feel every time you hear “Donde esta mi gente!” “Pa’Lo Latinxs!” Tu sabes!! A journey que nunca acabara, pero one that has made me feel whole, proud, poderosa y valiente.  

So if you’ve liked what you’ve read so far, y pues obvio que si jaja, you should keep coming back for more chisme as I continue to share my story and experiences with you. Pero antes de que me vaya, I will leave you with the consejito de las cartas. Better be good!! Ya seeee!! No te preocupes, I gotchu! 

Consejito de las cartas: Page of Swords

Orale, chismosxs!! The Page of Swords was pulled and I guess I’m not the only one feeling some self-doubt or hesitancy in which way to go with my ideas! Pues, al menos I’m not alone verdad? This card is encouraging you to go ahead and take a step, you’ll never know if you don’t try! Asi que dale, mi gente, the universe has your back. Linked especially to Gemini, Libra & Aquarius.  


Julie Alvarez 

@mamapoderosa on Instagram 

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