Beauty queen linked to Ecuadorian gang boss gunned down

In a shocking incident, former Miss Ecuador contestant Landy Párraga Goyburo, 23, was fatally shot by two gunmen in broad daylight, revealing her connection to a notorious gang boss. Security footage captures the moment Párraga and a man she was conversing with are ambushed by the masked attackers in a restaurant in Quevedo. One gunman shoots them both before fleeing with his accomplice, leaving Párraga lying motionless in a pool of blood. Párraga, who represented Los Rios province in the 2022 Miss Ecuador contest, had attended a wedding in Quevedo the previous day. She gained attention when her name surfaced in a conversation between drug trafficker Leandro Norero and his accountant, where Norero pleaded to keep their association secret. Despite financial scrutiny by the Attorney General’s Office, Párraga was never charged with a crime and had not publicly addressed her ties to Norero’s organization.

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