Authorities raided Peruvian President’s home in search for Rolex watches

Authorities launched an investigation into more than a dozen Rolex watches allegedly not declared by President Boluarte. The probe followed public attention on luxury watches she wore since taking office in December 2022. Peru’s government criticized the raid as unconstitutional, with Prime Minister Gustavo Adrianzen raising concerns about its impact on the country’s stability. The government comptroller previously announced a review of Boluarte’s asset declarations. Boluarte defended herself, stating she entered and would leave office with integrity, claiming her Rolex was bought with earnings from years of work. The raid, conducted jointly by police and prosecutors, occurred at Boluarte’s residence and nearby areas. Despite the raids, Boluarte has not commented, and Adrianzen ruled out her resignation. The investigation intensified after Boluarte failed to provide proof of purchase for her watches, amid earlier turmoil following her predecessor’s impeachment, which led to deadly protests.

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